About Acme School

  • ANPS is located in an attractive part of Zanzibar, easy to reach and lots of development in the area We teach children in modern ways and promoting technologies, good working environment for all


Most things our children love is our innovation programs, creating their things they love and fun

Future education

We believe technology and artification intellegence are the future in education, we are upto date in promoting them

Friendship, happy, curious learners

We build confidence, encourage children to reach high goals than expected traditionally

Why are we different from others

ANPS have the facility to make teaching and learning easy, we use technology for teaching, we encourage student in innovations and creativity, friendly teachers with good experiance. We have good way of communication with parents. We have portal for parents to see their children performance and other related school matters.



We teaching using ministry of education Curriculum, however we teaching three languages English, Swahili and Arabic.



We accept students through our the year, we prepare a child to be in the same position with others who joined the school before them.

Message from Principal

  • Education is a lifelong process which creates an understanding, moral and ethical values to give one in to better life. As parent you want your child to succeed and become one of the best.


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Fuoni Mtundani, twenty minutes from Zanzibar Stone Town

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